Belgium Axemen

City/město: Brussels / Ottawa

Contact person/kontaktní osoba: Jonathan Lefebvre (

1 Thomas Kiazyk
6 Kane Kerry
7 Jake Gasperetti
9 Nick Bafia
13 Jason Tasse
14 Bruno Mattelet
15 Thibault Stepman
16 Gaspard Lens
17 Jan-Oscar Huges
19 Payton Tasse
20 Jared Downey
23 Carter O'Connell
33 Romain Kluge
40 Tibor Van den Wildenbergh
42 Jesse Heyninck
67 Tim Stevenson
77 Philippe Verschueren
92 Jonathan Lefebvre
Coach: Paul Gasperetti
Coach: Darren O'Connell

The team is a mix between the Belgium national team program and the coach's team, the Ottawa Axemen. The canadian players are Axemen alumni, currently playing in Arena Lacrosse League. Belgium started developping its program in April 2021 and is preparing for is upcoming euros in Hannover. The star of the team is of course Bruno Mattelet, also known as « El matador a la camizeta negra ».

Historie na MAH/AHM Team History

2022: 20. místo/20th place (statistiky/stats)


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