Jagged Mountain



City/město: Denver, Colorado
Instagram: @jaggedmountain

Jersey colors/barva dresů:
modrá, růžová, žlutá / Blue, Pink, Yellow
Contact person/kontaktní osoba: Ethan Heritage (wally28heritage@gmail.com)

10 Gerhard Probst
11 Preston Plume
13 Ben Robertson
18 Daniel Ludwig
20 David La Roach
23 Adam Kulberg
27 Josh McDougall
30 Monte Montgomery
33 Marek Šafanda
40 Jon Harris
41 Pete DeFinis
44 Bryant Boucher
52 Jakub Lipczik
55 Benedek Juszkó
77 John Mclntyre
88 Ethan Heritage
90 Adrian Balasch
92 Jack Miles
St. Coach: Maggie Marion
Trainer: Silvia Blatnik
Trainer: Lisa Tambone
St. Coach: Linda Svege
Trainer: Amelia Nekvasil

We are a team that started in the mountains of Colorado, in the middle of the United States. We began our team's journey in 2018 as we joined the field of 24, and placed 16th after our first year. We returned in 2019 with some Canadian players, and then placed 11th overall!! The Covid 19 pandemic hit, and the this last year at the tournament, we had International players help us play! We finished 11th again. We are now, Jagged Mountain International!! We honor those players that played this last year, and we bring back our Middle United States experience mixed with 1980's Ski Culture!

Historie na MAH/AHM Team History

2022: 12. místo/12th place (statistiky/stats)
2019: 12. místo/12th place (statistiky/stats)
2018: 16. místo/16th place (


Vienna Monarchs

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