Moon Bears




Jersey colors/barva dresů: Zelená, Žlutá / Green,Yellow
Contact person/kontaktní osoba: Ryan Conwell (

0 Niles Miller
1 Matt Rosenthal
2 Dan Leyden
3 Jaroslav Horn
4 Karriem Rhode
11 Andrew Fernando
12 Nick Agius
14 Cole Christiaens
18 Steve Higgs
25 Eoin Collins
26 Nate Glaser
27 Ryan Conwell
35 Andrew Aumiller
37 Jonny Diplock
45 Tyler Calnan
53 JP Fragola
55 Anthony Lapuma
66 Chris Shevins
77 Bob Markunas
79 Chip Chapman
88 Mike Lynch
90 Brendan Murphy
Coach: Brucie Morris
Assistant Coach: Karel Schaffner
Support: Kelsey McGettigan
Support: Olivia Ordonez
Support: Katy Fragola

The Moon Bears are back for their third Aleš Hřebeský Memorial, debuting in the 2019. They play in various box tournaments and are a truly international roster. Most of the team is based in the United States, but current and past Moon Bears players represent numerous countries and four different national teams. This year's team has players from the United States, Czech Republic, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Historie na MAH/AHM Team History

2022: 9. místo/9th place (statistiky/stats)
2019: 15. místo/15th place (statistiky/stats)

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