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Tel Aviv LC is the AHM 2018 Champion Tel Aviv LCC won over Nova Scotia Privateers in the final game 6:3. Their victory is suprising only for those who are not aware that the team consist of Israeli national team players who won the Europen Championship last year and who prepare for the field-lacrosse world Championship which is held in Netanya, Israel.

Nova Scotia Privateers brought their best team ever and they have beaten home Custodes 6:5 in a great semi-final game.

Tel Aviv won its semi-finals against Alberta Warriors quite easily. Local Dominik Sika hooped to the goal instead of Brown who was suspended becaouse of the match penalty in semi-finale.

Custodes revenged the round-robin loss from Alberta and finished third.

Final standings
1. Tel Aviv LC (ISR)
2. Nova Scotia Privateers (CAN)
3. LC Custodes (CZE)
4. Alberta Warriors (CAN)
5. Turku Titans (FIN)
6. Riggers (IRL)
7. Green Gaels (CAN)
8. Bats Bratislava DNV (SVK)
9. Megamen (USA)
10. Glasgow Clydesiders (SCO)
11. TJ Malešice (CZE)
12. Bundeswehr Lacrosse (GER)
13. Istanbul Sultans (TUR)
14. Vienna Monarchs (AUT)
15. SK Lacrosse Jižní Město (CZE)
16. Jagged Mountain (USA)
17. London Knights (ENG)
18. LCC Wolves (CZE)
19. Helan Går Lacrosse (SWE)
20. Chocolax (SUI)
21. Adler Lacrosse (EUR)
22. Old Dogs Plzeň (CZE)
23. Non-Olympic Athletes from Everywhere (int)
24. Polish Eagles (POL)

Individual awards
The best offensive player:  Mike Burke (Riggers)
The best defensive player: Jacob Silberlicht (Tel Aviv Lacosse)
The best goalie: Mitch Hanigan (Nova Scotia Privateers)
The best scorer (stats): Mike Burke (Riggers, 15 goals)
MVP of the tournament according to points (stats): Mike Burke (Riggers, 25 points, 14+11)

All Stars Team
Goalie: Viktor Bláha (LCC Wolves)
Defence: Matt Dunbar (Nova Scotia Privateers), Martin Horváth (Bats Bratislava)
Transition: Jakub Výmola (LC Custodes)
Attack: Chad Culp (Goldstar Tel Aviv), Greg Bourret (Alberta Warriors)

The 26th Aleš Hřebeský Memorial will be held on April 24–27, 2019.

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