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Till Death Do Us Part Sad news struck us like a lightning bolt last evening: Frank Menschner passed away on May 15, 2015. We have lost our great friend and supporter. A great guy who arrived with Rebels for the first international Aleš Hřebeský Memorial in 2001 and has not missed a single annual since.

Frank became an essential part of the tournament and it is hard to deal with the fact that he won’t be back in Radotín next year as it is unimaginable for Frank to not come.  This year it was Frank’s 15th consecutive visit to the tournament. Nothing stopped him. Not the volcano in 2010 when three teams from overseas got stuck home because of limited flight operations. Nor Frank’s health troubles when he was treating his leg.

Without Frank the tournament would have never been on the level where it is now. Frank was our enthusiastic supporter and promoted the tournament everywhere. Also we cannot be thankful enough for his support in 2005 when Randy Fraser was injured by a drunken Ukrainian man in the clubhouse restaurant during the tournament. At first, it seemed that this incident would completely ruin the tournament and the Czech Republic's reputation. Not only that Frank, who witnessed the incident, personally help subdue the culprit, but more important, he immediately promised to bring his team back the following year. Frank's effort to regain the trust of players from overseas was priceless.

And also we are grateful to Frank for his help to our juniors and girlz during their journeys to US. Frank was a great host and helped to make the trips unforgettable.

The Aleš Hřebeský Memorial lost one of its icons. A guy who had enormous talent to make friends and who had plenty of friends in many lacrosse countries around the globe. A guy who never gave up and always was part of the game and part of his team despite his health limitations. A guy who was never upset, had a great sense of humor and who was always radiating positive energy.

Frank is no more but the memories will stay. And there are only nice memories.

Thank you, Frank.

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