Aleš Hřebeský Memorial round-robin groups draw will take place on March 23

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Aleš Hřebeský Memorial round-robin groups draw will take place on March 23 After last year's "restart" edition after the anti-covid restrictions, this year the full number of 24 teams will participate in the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial. Strong teams from overseas - the Green Gaels and Nova Scotia Privateers - and the 2018 winner Tel Aviv Lacrosse will be back after last year's absence. And a very attractive newcomer will certainly be the Six Nations River Rats, the second Iroquois team in the tournament's history. Also new is the Canada Selects team, whose core is made up of players from Saskatoon.

As usual, the teams will be drawn into the tournament's core groups on Thursday, March 23 at 6 p.m. CET. You can attend the draw in person at the LCC clubhouse, or watch it live via a stream on the LCC's YouTube channel.

For the draw, teams have been divided into six pools of performance. The top four teams from last year were seeded into the highest pool. For the other pools, since last year's edition was heavily influenced by covid, the average ranking of each team over the last five editions of the tournament was used as the main criterion. Newcomers with no history in the tournament must fight their way up from the lowest Silver 3 pool to succeed.

Starting this year, the rule on the number of teams that will automatically receive an invitation to the next edition of the tournament has also changed. Previously it was 20, now this number is reduced to 15, so the match for the final 15th place will be a battle for the guarantee of advancement to the next tournament.

● Pool Gold 1: LC Custodes (CZE), Glasgow Clydesiders (SCO), Turku Titans (FIN), Alberta Warriors (CAN)
● Pool Gold 2: Tel Aviv LC (ISR), Green Gaels (CAN), Megamen (USA), TJ Malešice (CZE)
● Pool Gold 3: Nova Scotia Privateers (CAN), Bats Bratislava DNV (SVK), SK Lacrosse Jižní Město (CZE), German Shepherds (GER)

● Pool Silver 1: Moon Bears (USA/intl.), Riggers (IRL), Jagged Mountain (USA/intl.), Istanbul Sultans (TUR/intl.)
● Pool Silver 2: London Knights (ENG), Adler Lacrosse (intl.), Helan Går Lacrosse (SWE), The Flying Dutchmen (NED)
● Pool Silver 3: GSI Grizzlies (NOR), Belgium Axemen (BEL), Six Nation River Rats (HDN), Canada Selects Lacrosse (CAN)

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