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There are 24 slots for teams in the tournament. The top 15 teams according to the final standing receive an invitation for the following annual. It does not mean that teams finishing 16th–24th are banned from their participation the next year. They can apply for the spot again and they will be included in the pool from which the tournament board selects teams who receive the invitation for the remaining 9 slots.

Our aim is to attract the top lacrosse players and teams to raise the tournament level to the highest possible level, but at the same time we want to include a wide and colorful range of participants from all over the world in order to promote and develop the game. We are happy that the tournament is a place where players from various countries and of various levels meet and gather, learn, and share their experiences.

If you are interested in sending a team to the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial, please apply via e-mail Please send:
● team name,
● contact person,
● country,
● brief team introduction – what competition the team plays, league or tournament achievements, star players, assets of the team participation for the tournament and/or the lacrosse development, any relevant information that would help the tournament board in the process of selection.

We collect inquiries for the 2025 annual by September 30th, 2024. We will decide about the invitations on the following AHM boad meeting in October.

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