Nova Scotia Privateers defended their first place in the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial

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 Nova Scotia Privateers defended their first place in the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial For the first time since 2009, a team has managed to defend its victory in the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial and that team is the Nova Scotia Privateers, who defeated the home team Custodes 6-3 in the final.

Both finalists won their respective preliminary groups and secured direct advancement to the quarterfinals. Custodes first defeated Tel Aviv Lacrosse 7-5 in their group and then German Shepherds 10-2. Privateers won against Green Gaels 6:1 and struggled a bit against TJ Malešice, but beat them 9:5.

The tournament was extremely even this year and the quarterfinal games are proof of that. The Custodes pulled off the win in a thrilling game against the Green Gaels with a goal with 22 seconds left in the game. The Privateers stole the win from the German Shepherds literally at the last second when Zac Carrigan tied the game and forced penalty shots. The Canadians were successful in the shootout and advanced to the semifinals. The other two quarterfinals were also decided in shootouts. The lucky teams were Alberta Lacrosse and Megamen, while the London Knights and Purple Reign were left to play for the final fifth place.

The Custodes faced Alberta Lacrosse in the semi-finals and again it was a close game. Lukáš Kučera scored a 4:3 goal at the end of the second period and it was a hard fought battle until the end of regulation time with both goalies excelling. Custodes withstood the final pressure of the Canadians and defended the lead.

The Privateers started the game against the Megamen with a strong start, but the opponent was able to pull within 2:2. After that, the goals just fell into the American net and the Privateers won 8:2.

A Canadian team, this time from Alberta, also dominated the bronze medal match. The Megamen couldn't keep up with them either and lost 4:8.

The same teams as last year met in the final. The Privateers took the lead after seven minutes thanks to Chris Malett. Tomáš Knotek replied to this goal and again the game was fought for long minutes without a goal. But then the Canadians managed to outplay the Radotín defence several times and build a goal lead up to 6:1. Two goals by Dominik Pešek only reduced the final score to 3:6. Privateers played very concentrated. They managed to eliminate most of the breakaways and they were ready for the key players of Custodes. Added to this was an excellent performance by goalkeeper Nathan Jollymoore. On the other hand, Radotín's defense faltered in several moments and the opponent was able to take advantage of it.

The Privateers brought a prepared and composed team and defending last year's title was certainly no fluke.


Final Standings
1. Nova Scotia Privateers (CAN)
2. LC Custodes (CZE)
3. Alberta Lacrosse (CAN)
4. Megamen (USA)
5. German Shepherds (GER)
6. London Knights (ENG)
7. Green Gaels (CAN)
8. Purple Reign (CAN/USA/SCO)
9. Turku Titans (FIN)
10. Chocolax (SUI)
11. Tel Aviv LC (ISR)
12. Lacrosse Zbraslav (CZE)
13. Adler Lacrosse (intl.)
14. Moon Bears (USA)
15. Istanbul Sultans (TUR/intl.)
16. Rez Dogs (HDN)
17. Bats Bratislava DNV (SVK)
18. Oslo Ragnarok (NOR)
19. SK Lacrosse Jižní Město (CZE)
20. TJ Malešice (CZE)
21. Hong Kong (HKG)
22. Austin Scorpions (USA)
23. Riga Griffins (LAT)
24. Taiwan Magpie (TPE)

Individual Awards

The best offensive player: Zach Carrigan (Nova Scotia Privateers)
The best defensive player: Markus Mattila (Turku Titans)
The best goalie: Nathan Jollymore (Nova Scotia Privateers)
The best scorers: Garret Winter (Tel Aviv Lacrosse), Zac Carrigan (Nova Scotia Privateers) – 12 goals
Tournament MVP according to stats: Shawn Evans (Chocolax) – 16 points (11 goals + 5 assists)

All Stars Team
Goalie: Jakob Brindle (London Knights)
Defence: Erik Turner (Alberta Lacrosse), Nile Cyr (Nova Scotia Privateers)
Transition: Steven Toporowski (Purple Reign)
Attack: Tomáš Knotek (LC Custodes), Gale Thorpe (Lakros Zbraslav)


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