Rules 2012

Modified tournament rules

The tournament follows FIL (NLL) rules with the several exceptions:
– Number of players for each game: 23 incl. goalies, number of players in team for the tournament is not limited. A player can play only for one team in the tournament.
– Game time: round-robin games, quarter-finals, 5th–16th place games 2x 15 mins, semi-finals and 3rd place game 3x 12 mins running time (during the last 2 minutes of every match the time is stopped with the whistle); final game 3x 12 mins (time stops with the whistle). Breaks 2 mins.
– Penalties: a minor penalty 1 minute, a major penalty 3 mins (if two goals are scored on the team penalized with a major penalty, the penalized player is released immediately); players who are serving a penalty must remain in the penalty box between periods and during time-outs.
– Coincidental minor/major penalties: when coincidental minor penalties or coincidental major penalties of equal duration are imposed against players of both teams, the penalized players shall all take their places in the penalty box and teams shall play 5 on 5. Such penalized players should not leave the penalty box until the first non technical stoppage of play following the expiry of their respective penalties.
– A match penalty involves the suspension of the player for the balance of the game and the offended shall be ordered to the dressing room immediately. The “in home” player is to replace the penalized player for the full three minutes of playing time regardless of the number of goals scored. A player incurring a Match Penalty shall automatically receive a game suspension. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to expel such a player from the tournament.
– Time-outs: each team shall be allowed a maximum of one 30 sec. time-out per game.
– In case of a tie score at the end of the game each team is awarded 3 penalty shots. If the game is still tied, there shall be 1 penalty shot for each team until the game is resolved. In case of a tie score at the end of the final game, play shall continue immediately, with sudden-death overtime. The period shall be five minutes until a goal is scored, thus deciding a winner. If the game is still tied, there shall be 3 penalty shots for each team. If the game is still tied, there shall be 1 penalty shot for each team until the game is resolved.

Selected rules review

– Backcourt (the ball back over the centre line) violation rule applies.
– Shot clock 30 s, 10 s to clear over the centre line.
– The ball contact with protective nets is considered a ball out of boards.
– Face-off violations: when the ball is stuck in the back of a player's stick upon facing off, possession shall be awarded to the non-offending team. When there are simultaneous multiple violations (e.g. at restraining line and face-off) the face-off violation shall determine possession.
– Shot origin: goal shall be awarded if a goal is scored when the attacker´s stick head is equal to or in front of the goal line extended when releasing the ball during the act of shooting provided there is no crease violation or other violation prior to the ball entering the net. The attackers stick is permitted to make contact with the post and incidental contact with goalie. If a goal is scored when the attackers stick head is behind the goal line extended when releasing the ball during the act of shooting, the goal will be disallowed.
– Contact with goalie in the crease: if a defender makes contact with the goalies stick while the goalie still has possession of the ball during an outlet pass while the goalie is in his crease, the defender will receive a minor penalty for goaltender interference. If the ball is clamped outside the crease circle by the goalie, a player may rake under the goalie´s stick.

Playing system

Sixteen teams are divided to four round-robin groups of four (A–D). The first and the second teams play the quarter-finals. The third and fourth teams play “play-out“ for final standing on the 9th–16th place. The team gains 3 points when winning in regular playing time. In case of the tight score each team gains one point, the winner of penalty shots gains another point.

Following criteria decide the team order in round-robin groups:
1. number of points,
2. head-to-head match,
3. scored/received goals difference in head-to-head matches,
4. number of scored goals in head-to-head matches,
5. total scored/received goals difference,
6. total number of scored goals,
7. toss.

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