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Boxlacrosse Forum 2014 After a successful year for the Indoor scene across Europe, European Indoor Lacrosse Coordinator Sean Gibson is happy to announce the Second Annual Box Lacrosse Forum to be held on April 24th from 7 p.m. at the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial.

"The Box Lacrosse Forum provides a platform to move forward together to develop box lacrosse throughout Europe as a whole. It is a meeting place for people passionate about the game to get together and share their stories and to see what is on the horizon for the coming year. Thank you to the organizers of the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Box Lacrosse Tournament (April 23–26th, 2014); as they have been gracious enough to allow an opportunity to host a second forum. “ Gibson says.

The forum will take 60–75 minutes to discuss a number of items and then to host an open forum for which you; ELF Indoor Lacrosse Enthusiasts can provide your input and insight into this fantastic sport. The forum will be held in the LCC Radotín clubhouse, Vykoukových 622/2, Praha-Radotín, Czech Rep.

We will be looking to address the following topics:
● Welcome and Introduction (Sean Gibson, IL/ELF)
● Review of the last year from the ELF Indoor Co-Ordinator (Sean Gibson, IL/ELF)
● ELF Indoor Referees Program Highlights (Greg Hart, CA/ELF)
● New Kids on the Block – BoxMania, Tasko Cup (Francois Labbé, FR; Alan Keeley, EN)
● SFU/Junior A BCLAX Presentation by Chris Fox (Chris Fox, CA)
● 2014 European Lacrosse League (Ondřej Mika, CZ/Jan Barák, CZ)
● Presentation of ENC2015 (Simon Krause, DE)
● Iroquois/WILC2015 Presentation (Gewas Schindler, IRO/Scott Neiss, WILC)
● Closing and Thanks (Sean Gibson, IL/ELF)

We look forward to your attendance at this event and in working with you in the long term to promote and grow box lacrosse throughout all ELF member nations.

If you are unable to attend but would like to get more information regarding Box Lacrosse please don't hesitate to contact Sean Gibson at

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