Second screening: Lacrosse – “It´s a way of life“/Lakros – „To je způsob života“

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Second screening: Lacrosse – “It´s a way of life“/Lakros – „To je způsob života“ The second screening of a new document by Lívia Šavelková, Tomáš Petráň and Milan Durňak will take place on Friday April 25. 4. 2014 at 4 p.m. at the small gym of the clubhouse.

The film is about lacrosse, and its importance for the Haudenosaunee people (represented by the Iroquois Nationals), and for the Czech people (represented by the lacrosse organisations, scouts, and woodcrafters). In 2011, the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship was held in Prague, the Czech Republic. It was the first time when the Iroquois National lacrosse men’s team visited the Czech Republic, using their Haudenosaunee passports.

However, the film is not focused only on reporting of the Championship agenda. Furthermore, it highlights the essential spiritual, political and sport aspects of the lacrosse for the Haudenosaunee and Czech communities. It also explains the formation of this originally Native American game in the Central Europe, including the hint of political issues in the former communist Czechoslovakia.

The film records communication among several lacrosse players and followers from different parts of the world. For those people, the lacrosse represents a way of a lifestyle.

The presentation of the film intends to be screened for the Radotín´s lacrosse community and for the attendants of the 21st tournament Aleš Hřebeský Memorial. The specific of the screening is a chance to obtain a feedback above all from some of the main “Haudenosaunee participants” of the film, also competing at the 21st Memorial.

Tha capacity of the gym is limited. Second projection on Saurday evening can be added in case of interest.

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