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“Every Goal Counts“ Charity Collection Again this year LCC Radotín in cooperation with Municipality of Prague 16 decided to fund-raise to help a local handicapped person. It is our way to express our sympathy with those who cannot run with a lacrosse stick around and feel the joy of scoring.

We would like all the goals scored during this year´s Memorial to make somebody else happy. The principle is simple. The team who decides to help can donate CZK 10 (or more) for each their goal scored. For example if they score 40 goals in the tournament as the last year´s champions, they will donate CZK 400.

The participating teams will get a sticker with the event logo to go on their helmets and their help will be presented at the tournament web and at the arena venue, too.

Also any of the visitors can contribute to money box at the entrance to the venue.

This year the collected funds will go to support Kristýna Kačabová. Kristýna was born on 3. 4. 2001 and in her four months the cerebral palsy was diagnosed to her. Kristýna’s legs are spastic and her connection between left and right brain hemisphere is not developped. In 2013 Kristýna could undergo a special therapy in Klimkovice spa, so-called Klim-therapy twice. In fall 2014 a center offering this therapy in neurorehabilitation clinic AXON. The therapy is named KOSMÍK. Kristýma could undergo another two cycles of the therapy here in November 2014 and this February. The therapy consists of exercises in s special „cosmic“ suite, which keeps the patient’s body in correct position and helps to stimulate muscles which normally do not work or do not work properly. Beside this the exercises stretching and releasing of muscles by neuromobilisation is performed. This therapy helps Kristýna to develop her motion and also mental activity and it is desirable to undergo this therapy as often as possible. Kosmík therapy is expensive and the amount of CZK 58.000 is needed.

Every contribution will be highly appreciated.

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