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Presentation: Making of Traditional Lacrosse Stick Again this year, Richard Kliment, a craftsmen and a player of Czech one-handed lacrosse will show the process of making traditional wooden one handed lacrosse stick on Friday April 25th afternoon.

Richard is a member of „euroindian“ tribe and a keen player of so-called Czech lacrosse which was developped by Czech tramps and woodcrafters according to literature, completely independently on „official“ international lacrosse. Contemporary one-handed Czech lacrosse is played with metal sticks but Richard decided to move back to woodden sticks and after several years of exploring he reconstructed and developped viable model of one-handed stick inspired mostly by George Catlins’painting. Richard will introduce the procedure of making his sticks at the venue on Friday afternoon starting aproximatelly at 3 p.m.

You can also check his website here (only in Czech but the process of making the stick is clear from photos).


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