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Round-robin Groups – CORRECTION We have made a mistake during draw from the Pool 2 and writing record from the draw. After revising the video we are correcting the round-robin groups. Correct and final setup is in the article. We apologize for chaos and confussion.

When announcing teams in Pool 2 I have skipped London Knights. Group C remain for them in the cup. With skipping one team I have confused and distracted our record keeper and he accidentaly wrote incorrect letters to the table. We are correcting groups according the announcements during the draw, please ignore the review at the end of video.

A: Turku Titans (FIN), Tel Aviv Lacrosse (ISR), Bundeswehr Lacrosse (GER)
B: Vienna Monarchs (AUT), TJ Malešice (CZE), Helan Går Lacrosse (SWE)
C: SK Lacrosse Jižní Město (CZE), London Knights (ENG), Team Germany (GER)
D: LC Custodes (CZE), Regina Heat (CAN), Istanbul Sultans (TUR)
E: Pioneers (CAN), Bats Bratislava (SVK), Glasgow Clydesiders (SCO)
F: Megamen (USA), Nova Scotia Privateers (CAN), Team EuroLaxCo (FRA)
G: Green Gaels (CAN), Riggers (IRL), Polish Eagles (POL)

Detailed schedule will be released in about 10 days as well as more detailed information about participating teams.

Ondřej Mika

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