Charity collection Every Goal Counts for purchasing “KOSMÍk” for Kristýnka

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Charity collection Every Goal Counts for purchasing “KOSMÍk” for Kristýnka For the third time, LCC Radotín in cooperation with Prague 16, is holding a charity collection for the KOSMÍK treatment for Kristýnka who is a disabled person from Radotín.

We want to do this for those who are not able to hold a lacrosse stick in their hands and feel the joy of making a goal. We want every goal during this tournament
to make someone else happy. The principle is simple. Each team that participates, can donate 10 CZK or more for each goal made by the team during the tournament.
Last year we collected 16.000 CZK for Kristýnka Kačabová and we will try to exceed this during this years tournament. Kristýnka is a fourteen year old girl suffering from
the effects of cerebral palsy. The development of the “space suit” is the latest and greatest technology for the enhancement of ones motor abilities. In 2013 Kristýnka completed two cycles of this treatment. In 2014 Axon, a neuro-rehabiliation company was founded and Kristýnka was selected to be one of their first patients in he fall of
2015. These treatments are four hours long and are extremely expensive and would cause a hardship on any family. This is the reason we would like to help Kristýnka. If
you would like to make a contribution outside the tournament you can make a bank transfer to Komerční banka account number 43-7605020217/0100 and for more information about the ongoing collection for Kristýnka, you can visit The KOSMÍK treatment is a biomechanical suit that is used to increase feedback to the brain and enhance purposefull movement. It is the cutting edge therapeutic technique for the treatment of Cerebral Palsy. Originally invented for use in the Russian space program, TheraSuit is the gold standard for therapy in North America, Europe, South America, and now Australia. More information about the method and these treatments can be found at

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