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Film Global Lacrosse Village Lívia Šavelková and Milan Durňak were collecting various lacrosse stories and histories during last two annuals of the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial and their documentary film is now available on-line.

The film is a part of Lívia larger project which explores lacrosse as an integral part of culture of North Native American Nations, its meaning and role, as well as its impact to recognition of the Native Americans‘ cultures within around the world. She also focuses on the history of the forming of the lacrosse in the former Czechoslovakia and nowadays the Czech Republic.  Lívia’s work was now topped by the book When the Creator´s Game Spreads to the World which was introduced on March 1st in Pardubice. The Czech version of the book was published by the University of Pardubice, a shorter English version is beeing prepared.

The Aleš Hřebeský Memorial has an important role as it is the event where numerous lacrosse histories meet and enrich each other. The film introduces many of them and also allows to have a look behind the curtain of the tournament. It is bilingual with Czech/English subtitles. You can enjoy it at the University of Pardubice website.

Global Lacrosse Village

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