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Glasgow Clydesiders are unexpected AHM 2019 Champions Glasgow Clydesiders surprised everybody and became the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial 2019 Champions. The team showed great sportsmanship and team spirit throughout the tournament, and their victory was well deserved.

The Clydesiders won 6:5 over Tel Aviv Lacrosse in a breathtaking and dramatic final game. The Clyde was able to turn a tough start of the match in both the final against Tel Aviv and the semi-final against home team LC Custodes. The Clyde was the team with greatest heart in the tournament and they displayed fantastic energy.

Megamen finished third after beating Custodes 6:5, and the one goal differences in the last two games represented how close all the games were. The tournament was extremely tight this year and the last 8 placement games each had final scores with only one goal difference, and some had to be resolved with penalty shots. The overall quality of play and parity were both at the highest levels ever. With Gold and Silver brackets there were many attractive games from the very beginning in round-robin groups, and this continued all the way through the playoffs and into the final placement games.

Thanks to all players for their performances, and many thanks and to all the spectators for creating a truly awesome atmosphere.

Final Standings
1. Glasgow Clydesiders
2. Tel Aviv Lacrosse
3. Megamen
4. LC Custodes
5. Pioneers
6. Alberta Warriors
7. Nova Scotia Privateers
8. Turku Titans
9. Riggers
10. LCC Wolves
11. TJ Malešice
12. Jagged Mountain
13. Bats Bratislava DNV
14. London Knights
15. Moon Bears
16. Bundeswehr Lacrosse
17. Adler Lacrosse
18. Hong Kong Lacrosse
19. Istanbul Sultans
20. Chocolax
21. Helan Går Lacrosse
22. SK Lacrosse Jižní Město
23. Vienna Monarchs
24. GSI Grizzlies

Individual Awards
The best offensive player: Luke Pilcher (Tel Aviv Lacrosse)
The best defensive player: Henrik Haarala (Turku Titans)
The best goalie: Pat Malough (Glasgow Clydesiders)
The best scorer: Dean Fairall (Pioneers, 13 goals)
MCP according to goals and assists: Dean Fairall (Pioneers, 13+7 points)

All Stars Team
Goalie: Angus Jenkins (Megamen)
Defenders: Chris Sokalofski (Glasgow Clydesiders), Jasper Goodwin (Nova Scotia Privateers)
Transition: Doug Utting (Tel Aviv Lacrosse)
Attackers: Destin Seguin (Glasgow Clydesiders), Dominik Pešek (LC Custodes)

The 27th Aleš Hřebeský Memorial will be held on April 22–25, 2020. 

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