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AHM 2020 Round-robin Group Draw on March 26 Two dozens of teams are getting ready for the 27th Aleš Hřebeský Memorial. On Thursday March 26, 2020 they will know who will play who in round robin games. The draw will take place in the LCC Raotín clubhouse at 7 p. m. CET and you can watch it live at LCC Radotín YouTube channel.

Majority of teams from last year are returning again, but we have several new names in the team list again. For the first time there will be a Dutch team playing in the Memorial. The Flying Dutchmen promise to bring the best players with Dutch heritage. The northernnost tip of the USA will be represented by Maine Northmen and they will also be eager to climb through the tournament system to the top ranking. As usually, newcomers are seeded to the bottom and they have to earn their glory.

Czech Old Dogs Plzeň will be back after few years and lets see how they can bite.

Patrick Dougherty who established lacrosse in Turkey is bringing the team with a new header: Whirling Dervishes. We hope this will be another step to promote and develop lacrosse in this country.

And of course all traditional participants are back: Alberta Warriors, Megamen, Nova Scotia Pioeneers, Riggers, London Knights, Bundeswehr... And despite finishing 24th last year Norwegian GSI Grizzlies will be back. They earned an invitation thanks to their enthusiasm and effort and an intercession of some top teams was also considered by the tournament committee. By the way, have you seen their film about last year already?

AHM Round-Robin Pools
Gold 1:
Glasgow Clydesiders, Tel Aviv LC, Megamen, LC Custodes
Gold 2: Alberta Warriors, Nova Scotia Privateers, Turku Titans, Riggers
Gold 3: LCC Wolves, TJ Malešice, Jagged Mountain, Bats Bratislava DNV
Silver 1: London Knights, Moon Bears, Bundeswehr Lacrosse, Adler Lacrosse
Silver 2: Whirling Dervishes, Chocolax, Helan Går Lacrosse, SK Lacrosse Jižní Město
Silver 3: GSI Grizzlies, The Flying Dutchmen, Maine Northmen, Old Dogs Plzeň

AHM „Warm-up“
The Aleš Hřebeský Memorial is the highlight of very busy lacrosse April in Radotín. Again, there will be the European Boxlacrosse Invitational (E-BOX) serie held prior the AHM – on April 17–21. EBox is a serie of games among European National teams. It gives them a rare opportunity to play top level full games. There is no trophy nor ranking, just games.

This year EBox will be combined with a brand new SHE-BOX tournament, introducing women’s boxlacrosse.

Paradoxicaly home Czech women’s teams cannot take part due to women’s lacrosse Czech-German Cup which is played at the same in Radotín (SC Olympia Radotín pitch) – on April 18–19. Top three Czech and German teams take part in this traditional event and LCC Radotín Girls are eager to gain the trophy. So if you are around come and cheer for them.

And first but not least: on Easter, Radotín (SC Olympia Radotín pitch) will host men's field-lacrosse National Team Challenge with participation of teams from England, Germany or Latvia, and of course Czechia.

Health issues
As you can see there are many events planned and we are looking forward to them. At the same time we are carefully watching current spread of coronavirus infection. We believe that responsible behaviour of people and beeing consistent on hygienical precaution will lead to early culmination of disease. Unless there is a regulation of sport events due to coronavirus spread from Czech government or authorities we have no intention to cancel or reduce nor the AHM nor associated events in Radotín, such as E-BOX, SHE-BOX and National Team Challenge (on Easter). There is no sign of such regulation in close future.

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