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Alberta Warriors are champions of the Virtual AHM 2020 Alberta Warriors collected highest number of votes and become the Virtual AHM Champions. Their prize – 100 beers and delicious ham on bone from U Dolejších butchery – will be ready for them in AHM 2021.

Congrats to runner-up Riggers and bronze Glasgow Clydesiders.
More than 1200 people joined our virtual game and they made many games a breathtaking drama. Grizzlies defeated Wolve only by 3 votes on the 5th place game and even the final itself was very close. You can see detailed numbers of votes here

Big thanks go to Jirka Tilšer who came with an idea of virtual AHM. Also thanks to František Klíma, Scott Neiss and everybody who prepared streaming marathon of games at the facebook. Thanks to Arttu Sesselaar for great videos with hits, saves and goals compilation. Thanks to Brian Witmer from collecting cheers from players from all around the globe.

Also we want to thank to all who contributed in our fundraising campaign. We are very close to the target amount. If you still want to contribute you are more than welcome. Your help is awesome and it will be remarkable support to our friends in Sokolovna restaurant.

We miss you all in Radotín and we hope to see you soon. Hopefully the situation will calm down and we can run Frank Menschner Cup as planned in September.

The Aleš Hřebeský Memorial 2021 will be held on April 21–24, 2021.

Stay safe!

Virtual Aleš Hřebeský Memorial 2020 Final Standings
1 Alberta Warriors
2 Riggers
3 Glasgow Clydesiders
4 Turku Titans
5 GSI Grizzlies
6 LCC Wolves
7 LC Custodes
8 Megamen
9 Bats Bratislava DNV
10 Moon Bears
11 Jagged Mountain
12 Helan Går Lacrosse
13 Nova Scotia Privateers
14 Chocolax
15 Old Dogs Plzeň
16 Maine Northmen
17 London Knights
18 Whirling Dervishes
19 The Flying Dutchmen
20 SK Lacrosse Jižní Město
21 Bundeswehr Lacrosse
22 TJ Malešice
23 Adler Lacrosse
24 Tel Aviv LC (+Prague Sports on Sat)

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