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Virtual AHM Round-robin groups The groups for the virtual Aleše Hřebeský Memorial were drew today afternoon.

You can see the draw at the AHM facebook site (mirror recommended).

Round-robin Groups
Gold A:
Tel Aviv LC, Nova Scotia Privateers, LCC Wolves
Gold B: Megamen, Turku Titans, TJ Malešice
Gold C: Glasgow Clydesiders, Riggers, Bats Bratislava DNV
Gold D: LC Custodes, Alberta Warriors, Jagged Mountain
Silver A: London Knights, Whirling Dervishes, Maine Northmen
Silver B: Moon Bears, SK Lacrosse Jižní Město, The Flying Dutchmen
Silver C: Bundeswehr Lacrosse, Helan Går Lacrosse, GSI Grizzlies
Silver D: Adler Lacrosse, Chocolax, Old Dogs Plzeň

The games start on Wed Apr 22 at 0.00.

The winner gains 100 beers for the AHM 2021, runner up gains 50 beers, teh third team will receive 30 beers. Good reason to mobilize you fans!


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