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Virtual Aleš Hřebeský Memorial 2020 Players are quarantined at their homes and cannot meet in the arena, but we have created virtual version of the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial 2020. Who can gain the title? The one who gets more votes. Every fan becomes a player. More players – stronger team – success – victory.

The games will follow the tournament playing system. In five rounds you can vote for one team in each imaginary game. The ratio of votes will determine the result. Every commenced 10 % will be counted as a goal, ie. if the ratio is 60:40 %, the score is 6:4. If the ratio is 61:39 %, the score is 7:4. In round-robin groups the winner gets 3 points, if the score is tight each team gets 1 point. Following criteria will decide about the round-robin groups order: number of points, head-to head game, goal differencial, higher number of goals scored, number of votes.
Anybody can become a player – real players, fans, pets if the are literate enough to click, or referees, for whom we have no job this year. You will not answer the question "who would win the game". You will give your vote to support your favourite team, so any outsider can defeat any master. Lets have fun. Each player can vote only once in each round and it is not possible to edit submitted vote. It is not obligatory to vote in all games of each round. Playing time: one period of 16 hours running time, final placement games one period of 10 hours running time.
Round-robin groups draw will be held on Tuesday April 21 at 17.15 CET. You can watch it at AHM facebook site.

Game times
● Round-robin groups – Wed Apr 22 from 0.00 to 16.00;
● Play-in – from Wed Apr 22, 22.00 to Thu Apr 23, 14.00;
● Quarter-finals – from Thu Apr 23, 18.00 to Fri Apr 24, 10.00;
● Semi-finals – from Fri Apr 24, 14.00 to Sat Apr 25., 6.00;
● Finals – Sat Apr 25 from 10.00 to 20.00.

Individual players home parties will follow.
Check our website and social media and play with us!

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