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Custodes are the AHM 2022 Champions After two years break caused by covid-19 epidemy the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial returned to Radotín. We have not filled all 24 tournament spots, but the final number of 21 teams from 14 countries was very good for the tournament restart. In the end, defending champions Glasgow Clydesiders met home LC Custodes in the final game. The home team with huge spectator support won 7:3.

Round-robin games indicated who is the tournament‘s top teams. Custodes played a great game against Turku Titans and grab the victory in the very last seconds of the playing time. The Finnish team then proved their quality and finished the third in overall standings.

The tournament was very successful for Bratislava Bats. They played a tough game against Clydesiders and defeated LCC Wolves in the round-robin group. They were stopped by Alberta Warriors in the quarter-final, but then defeated both German Shepherds and TJ Malešice and finished the fifth.

Young LCC Wolves after a good performance finished in the 10th place.


Custodes secured their direct way to the quarter-finals by winning their round-robin group. They defeated athletic and tough German Shepherds 7:4 and met Alberta Warriors in the semi-final. Canadians‘ way to the semis was smooth with easy wins in the round-robin groups and after defeating Bats in the quarter-final. Custodes struck in every period beginning and gain victory in a game that was one of the greatest in the whole tournament.

Clydesiders‘ way through the tournament was much more complicated. They played tough games against Bats and Wolves and defeated SK Lacrosse Jižní Město in penalty shots in the quarter-final. Then the Foster brothers made the game turn-over in the semi-final game against Turku Titans reaching the victory 5:2.

Custodes stepped better to the final game in an electricizing atmosphere of the full stands. Vojtěch Vošmik opened the score in the first minute and Jakub Výmola added the second one soon. Fosters with one goal each equalized. But Pavel Srch and Tomáš Procházka turned the result to the Custodes‘ side again in the last minute of the second period. The last period was a thrilling battle. Štěpán Friedl dived to the crease and scored. Zach Foster answered with his second goal. Cladesiders then tried final pressure with a power-play but after Custodes break Tomáš Hájek scored to an open net. Matěj Barák then added the last goal setting the final score to 7:3.


Custodes gained the prestigious trophy in the restarted tournament, which again proved its unique atmosphere and spirit. We can expect that next year the tournament will return to its 24-teams format and the game level will rise.

We want to thank all tournament partners and sponsors for their support, big thanks also to all who helped us to run the tournament at the venue, and also to our neighbors for their tolerance and patience with unrestrained life at the arena for four days.

Ondřej Mika

Final standings
1. LC Custodes (CZE)
2. Glasgow Clydesiders (SCO)
3. Turku Titans (FIN)
4. Alberta Warriors (CAN)
5. Bats Bratislava DNV (SVK)
6. TJ Malešice (CZE)
7. SK Lacrosse Jižní Město (CZE)
8. German Shepherds (GER)
9. Moon Bears (USA, intl.)
10. LCC Wolves (CZE)
11. Megamen (USA)
12. Jagged Mountain (intl.)
13. London Knights (ENG)
14. West Coast Express Riggers (CAN, IRL, intl.)
15. Helan Går Lacrosse (SWE)
16. GSI Grizzlies (NOR)
17. Adler Lacrosse (intl.)
18. The Flying Dutchmen (NED)
19. Istanbul Sultans (TUR)
20. Belgium Axemen (BEL)
21. Chocolax (SUI)

Individual Awards
Best offensive player: Jake Foster (Glasgow Clydesiders)
Best defensive player: Chris Sokolofsky (Glasgow Clydesiders)
Best goalie: Lauri Uusitalo (Turku Titans)
Best scorer: Kevin Powers (Helan Går Lacrosse, 18 goals)
MVP according to stats: Jiří Košťál (LCC Wolves, 14+9)

All-Stars Team
Goalie: Tomáš Čekal (SK Lacrosse Jižní Město)
Defense: Martin Hodaň (LC Custodes), Nick Krywolt (Alberta Warriors)
Transition player: David Beckman (German Shepherds)
Attack: Jordan Wheaton (Alberta Warriors), Dominik Pešek (LC Custodes)

All games are available on LCC Radotín YouTube Channel.

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