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The AHM 2022 will host 21 teams We all hope covid is over and we are looking forward to play the 27th Aleše Hřebeský Memorial from Wednesday April 27.

Two years of uncertainity have obvious effect to everybodys' planning habits and improvisation became regular modus operandi. It took extremely long to confirm the final list of AHM 2022 participants. But now we are happy to announce the list of 21 teams with players from 20 countries who are now getting ready for the tournament. We will miss couple of tratitional participants but on the other hand we will be happy to welcome new teams to Radotín. 

With 21 teams the playing system was adjusted. Still we use upper Gold and lower Silver round-robin groups. Play-in games will decide who will compete in top gold play-off brackets, who will play in blue mid-range play-off brackets and who will struggle in bottom Group Z. You will find detailed description in Rules section soon.

Teams were divided to six pools according to their last AHM ranking and expected strenght. On Thursday April 7 at 18.00 CET we will draw round robin groups and you can watch it live at LCC YouTube Channel. We will publish the tournament schedule by Sunday.

The biggest box lacrosse event in Europe is back and we are really looking forward to it.

Pool Gold 1: Glasgow Clydesiders (SCO); Megamen (USA); LC Custodes (CZE); Alberta Warriors (CAN)
Pool Gold 2: Turku Titans (FIN); LCC Wolves (CZE); TJ Malešice (CZE); Jagged Mountain (intl.)
Pool Gold 3: West Coast Express Riggers (CAN/IRL); Bats Bratislava DNV (SVK); London Knights (ENG); Moon Bears (USA/IRO)
Pool Silver 1: Germans Shepherds (GER); Adler Lacrosse (intl.); Istanbul Sultans (TUR)
Pool Silver 2: Chocolax (SUI); Helan Går Lacrosse (SWE); SK Lacrosse Jižní Město (CZE)
Pool Silver 3: GSI Grizzlies (NOR); Belgium Axemen (BEL); The Flying Dutchmen (NED)

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